Sixty Three Year Wedding Anniversary

David & Rose Gottschalk

“A Sixty Three Year Celebration Of Your Marriage Together”

Your family celebrates and honors your monumental marital achievement which has spanned an amazing sixty Three years.  On June 4, 1954 before God and all your family and friends, you began your lives together as a wedded couple.  Over the course of the past sixty three years, you both have become beloved parents and grandparents as well as beloved great grandparents to so many who love and respect you.  Without your union those many years ago, none of your five children would have been granted life on this earth.  Without your union none of your thirteen grandchildren and none of your seventeen great-grandchildren would have been brought into this world.  As of today, there are a total of 47 members of the family of David and Rose Gottschalk.

In 1954 you both joyously entered into your new marriage as do most married couples full of hopes and dreams.  Along the way you have encountered many victories, but also a host of trials and tribulations.  Over the course of your marriage, various jobs were obtained and lost.  Your children were born creating a wide array of emotions for you, ranging from joy to stress.  Farming over the years took many a toll on your finances, mental anguish, and overall health.  You have faced many struggles that would have toppled most marriages.  Over the years you have both lost your parents along with many of your own siblings, yet the foundation of the family that you created has withstood the test of time.

Yet no matter what odds you both faced over all these many years, and no matter how difficult your tasks, you both persevered.  You both held true to the wedding vows that you both shared and your marriage endured all the many challenges.  Today, we all know the statistics that one out of every two marriages ends in divorce.  We as your children, your grandchildren, and your great grandchildren applaud your Sixty Three Year Marriage Anniversary achievement.  You will never know how much we all look up to you both for beating all the odds that life threw at you and at your marriage.  Few couples ever reach this milestone which you’ve attained, and the example you both have set reflecting on the wonderful institution of marriage is a benchmark for all your family to strive for.

The result of your love and commitment to each other has made a positive mark on the lives of many, and especially for all of us celebrating your Sixty Three Year Marriage Anniversary.  There is little that any of your family could ever do to repay you both for the sacrifices which you both have made for all of us, but it is our wishes to give tribute to you by sharing this glorious celebration together as a family.

Mom & Dad, Grandma & Grandpa, Great Grandma & Great Grandpa


3 thoughts on “Sixty Three Year Wedding Anniversary

  1. Betty & George Will Reply

    Congratulations on your 63rd wedding anniversary!

  2. Debbie & Charlie Reply

    Nicely written Scott! It is a fantastic accomplishment to have 63 together! Happy Anniversary Dave and Rose!

  3. Barb Hall Reply

    Lovely tribute to your mom and dad’s 63 year wedding anniversary. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Gottschalk!!

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