Rare John Deere (The Only One)

Is it a John Deere tractor, is it a John Deere mower, or is it a one of a kind John Deere golf cart of sorts.  The answer is YES to all three points and this unique machine put out by Deere & Company in the late 1960s is a site to behold for John Deere enthusiasts of all kinds.

This Rare “First-Year” Model “140” Red Patio Lawn & Garden Tractor is equipped with the only Patio “140” Sweepster Golf Cart Attachment known to exist and is one of only a total of twelve with this unique attachment that were outfitted on a handful of the more typical green colored John Deere Lawn & Garden tractors.

It must of seemed like a good idea at the time, but one can only imagine how unpopular these noisy machines would have been driving around a quiet golf course as the intently focused golfers were preparing to sink a putt.

The Gottschalk Family Museum has this and many other unique pieces of history to share with you on your next visit.

Live for the thrill!

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