Motorcycle Deer Crash Results

On the way to Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, August 8, 2017 a deer collided with my bike.  Bike is totaled.  I hit the road at 70 mph in the middle of South Dakota.  Helmet split.  Leather gear ripped to shreds.

Broke 5 bones and my broken thumb requires surgery.  Extreme road rash on chest, stomach, shoulder, and rear end.  Having to endure some pain, but being alive is a real rush.

Live for the thrill!

7 thoughts on “Motorcycle Deer Crash Results

  1. Ethan Groos Reply

    You never cease to amaze me Scott! Haha! Prayers your way, get well and charge on!


  2. Jim Hartman Reply

    Wow Scott glad you are ok! Bikes can be replaced but not you bud!!
    Prayers for a fast recovery!!
    Master Sergeant
    James Hartman
    U.S. Army

  3. Cindy Kuster Reply

    Scott – Oh so happy you are alive to write the blog. But you need to stay alive, people need you. Take it easy, heal, and take a break. God Bless.

  4. Deb and Charlie Rhoten Reply

    So sorry to read that Scott, but glad you’re able to write about your collision! Rest up and take it slow, as you heal! We prayer for a speedy recovery

  5. Juli Johnson Reply

    I am about to personally tie you up and make you stop scaring the CRAP out of me. Praise God for His grace in sparing you YET AGAIN!!! Poor Astrid is gonna turn gray living with you.
    We all love you, so take care, my friend, and I hope you are healing fast!!?

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