Minnesota Viking Football Cheerleaders at the Stearns County Breakfast On The Dairy Farm

Being a Tour Guide for the Stearns County Breakfast On The Farm held on June 3, 2017 at Kuechle Dairy in Eden Valley, MN. was a tough job, but some of us were willing to sacrifice for the good of others.

In the photo, my level of sacrifice was peaking while providing dairy farm tour support for two of the Minnesota Viking Football Cheerleaders.  Both women were from the Twin Cities metropolitan area, so they had never been on a working dairy farm and were excited to learn where healthy dairy products c0me from.

Farmers toil 365 days per year to feed the people of our planet, and still make time to host events that allow over 3000 urban folks and their children the opportunity to see first hand how lovingly and kindly the animals are cared for on today’s modern dairy farms.

The next time these Viking Cheerleaders tip an ice-cold glass of milk to their lips, they will have an in-depth first-hand experience of where their food actually comes from.  Folks, I’m here to ask all of you to appreciate that you can eat everyday because of the farmers and their families who are willing to endlessly toil each day to feed the 98% of our population that they don’t even know.  Farmers deeply care about impacting the healthy nutrition of people and their families across the globe.  Please thank the next farmer you meet.

Live for the thrill! 

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