Injured Middle Finger (Ouch!)

My beloved wife Astrid is one of the kindest, most loving souls on planet Earth.  She is one of the best humans that I know as she so unselfishly cares for others.  She has lived her life as a loving daughter, wife, mother, and grandmother.  She is a beloved friend by others and most would agree they are better for having her as a part of their lives. 

Astrid has prided herself to be one of the honorable farmers of America who had fed the people of the world throughout her lifetime.  Working with animals and especially dairy cows has been her life-long ambition.  One fateful day, while working with a cow she incurred a devastating injury.

She was working with the 1,500-pound cow when a quick move on its part accidently smashed her right hand into an unyielding metal pipe.  Astrid’s first concern was for the well-being of the animal, but she suddenly felt something was wrong underneath the glove on her right hand.

Shock took over after seeing that she had severed the end of her middle finger and all that remained was the bone sticking out of the end of her digit.  Without haste, she was brought to an emergency room some thirty minutes away.  The doctor informed her that she had damaged her finger beyond repair.

It would require two surgeries as well as skin-graphing before she had the use of her damaged finger, although yet to this day, she has little feeling in that finger.  Through it all, and during her healing process, she was a great sport about her over-sized middle finger bandage.

For weeks, she had no other choice other than to appear to be giving a huge middle finger to all who met her.  I’m sure she was immensely embarrassed by my antics of constantly using her injured appendage to send a comical message to friends and family members.

I will go on record saying, I have always loved my wife Astrid, even when she was forced to give me and everyone else the finger!

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