A Halloween To Remember

Halloween To Remember

Shown are my two Grandsons Jared, age 5 (Pirate costume) and Henry, age 3 (Monkey costume).  Halloween 2016 was nothing like the Halloween to remember from twenty-five years ago when their Daddy Trevor was age 9 and their Uncle Travis was age 7.

The infamous Halloween snowstorm had hit with a vengeance on our Southwestern Minnesota farm that October 31st day of 1991.  All the schools had released their students early to ensure they made their way home safely before the ominous blizzard snows arrived.

It was one of my favorite holidays each Halloween when I could bring my young sons Trevor and Travis clothed in their latest costumes out to Trick or Treat the many farms in our neighborhood.

We listened intently to the weather reports that stated 30 inches of snow had fallen and that there would be no travel until the harsh weather had passed and the roads passable again.  I looked at my disappointed little sons and suddenly directed them to get into their costumes.  I informed my wife Astrid and our sons that our big 4 X 4 pickup truck could surely navigate the deep snows.

Off we went into the dark, deep abyss of Halloween.  It was spooky driving through such depths of snow in the stark gloom of night.  We were putting the only tracks in the snow as we carefully navigated where we thought the road was.  The snow was so deep; our truck was pushing snow all the way to the top of the engine hood.

When we made it to the first shocked neighbor’s farm site and knocked on the door, Trevor and Travis shouted Trick or Treat.  They became keenly aware that they were about to hit the Motherlode of candy treats that evening.  Each farm site we visited, did not offer the boys one treat, nor did they give a handful of treats.  Instead, each stop simply gave them the entire bag of treats!  Everyone knew there would be no other kids out on that ominous night.

In the end, it was good planning to bring our big 4 X 4 truck, because we needed the capacity of its cargo box to transport so many bags and boxes of treats back to our home.

Let it be said that Astrid rationed out small samples to the boys for many months, but as an unsupervised adult, I went on a treat and candy feeding frenzy.  I stopped once I’d given myself an irritating, red, itchy case of the hives.  It was a Halloween to remember!

Live for the thrill!


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