2017 Daytona Florida Motorcycle Rally

After a long, harsh winter in Minnesota my three friends Maynard, Jeff, Kevin and I loaded our four motorcycles on a trailer and headed for the 2017 Daytona, Florida Motorcycle Rally.  While we were traveling to a much warmer climate, the temperatures back home dipped to -2 degrees below zero.  My wife Astrid was unimpressed when I shared that on our first day of biking in Florida it was a balmy 85 degrees and sunny.  She then shared that she had just experienced a six inch snowfall back home, and she was quick to remind me that I’d been unavailable to help her shovel snow.

Approximately 500,000 bikers of all ages and with all brands of motorcycles gather each March for the first big motorcycle rally of the year.  We enjoyed several days of +80 degree temps, but on our final 300 mile day of motorcycle riding, reality struck when it rained the entire day and the temperatures only reached the low 50 degree mark.  Brrrrrr!!!

In all, over the course of only seven days we travelled more than 3000 miles round-trip by truck and trailer, and then logged 1100 miles on our motorcycles while biking across Florida.  A good time was had by all and we gained some nice tans along the way.  We even had the honor of meeting up with Bert, LJ, and Sergio our friends from Miami as we covered some great riding miles together.  The friendships and memories made along the bi-ways and the highways are what keeps drawing me back onto the seat of my motorcycle time after time.

Unfortunately, we had to return back home to blustery, wintery Minnesota.  The good news is Spring can’t be that far away for us tough Northerners.  Before long, I’ll be twisting the throttle grip once more as my Harley engine roars back to life.

Live for the thrill!

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  1. Serg A Mesa Reply

    Hey Scot, this is Sergio , just wanted to let you know what an amazing time I had meeting , connecting and riding with you , Maynard, Kevin and who could ever forget Jeff…lol I can’t wait for all of us to hook back up in Minnesota or plan Sturgis.
    Your friend from Miami

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