1974 Raider Ice Dragster Snowmobile Prototype WOW!

RARE “Raider” Rail Ice-Dragster Factory Racer Prototype, made by Leisure Vehicles, Inc. of Troy, MI.

One of the first custom race sleds of its kind to break the 100 MPH barrier in the 1970’s with its original 500 cc Centurion Engine.  Later it reached a documented top speed of 127 MPH in a 1000-foot timed Ice Drag Race with an upgraded 1996 Arctic Cat ZRT 600 cc high performance two-Stroke Engine fully ported, shaved heads, and a balanced crank.  Every 1000-foot pass it consumes one gallon of 110 octane racing fuel mixed at 40:1 pushed with an electronic fuel pump forcing fuel into the three large 42 mm Mikuni Carburetors.  The previous owners named this machine, “Never Enough Racing”.

What a rush it will be this winter on a frozen Minnesota lake blasting from 0 to 127 mph in a heartbeat!

Live for the thrill!

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