1941 Harley-Davidson WWII Military Motorcycle

The newest addition to the Gottschalk Family Museum is a rare WWII 1941 Harley-Davidson Military Motorcycle.  This historic bike was likely used by a high-ranking military official during World War II, because it is equipped with a very rare “Knucklehead” big twin engine.

During WWII, Harley-Davidson provided nearly 100,000 military motorcycles for the war effort.  The majority of those military motorcycles were equipped with the much smaller and less powerful “Flat-Head” engines.  This motorcycle is one of only a handful of military bikes that had the powerful and iconic “Knucklehead” power plant.

This beautiful motorcycle is displayed with several attached WWII items including a field phone, a fire-extinguisher, a T-handled shovel for digging foxholes, a tire pump, and a set of signal flags used by the motorcycle soldiers of WWII.  In addition, this motorcycle will be displayed with a 1942 WWII leather gun scabbard attached to the front fork along with a WWII semi-automatic M-I Grand Rifle as the proper armament for this rare motorcycle.

The Gottschalk Family members pictured are Scott, Astrid, Theresa, Molly (on the seat), Trevor, as well as Jared and Henry sitting in the front.  Missing from the photo are Travis, RaeLynn, Hiltina, Stella, Cruz, and Roselynn Gottschalk.

Stop by for a visit to the Gottschalk Family Museum to witness this wonderful piece of history.

Live for the thrill!

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